Monday, September 22, 2014

10 reasons why windows 8 sucks

Microsoft windows operating system is very popular and majority of people are using this. Initially, this operating system looks good, and pretends to be user friendly. I also started learning computer using windows and I am pretty sure the previous windows OS's were quite nicer. 

When I started using computer, Windows 98 was very popular at that time. Later, we got Windows 2000 which was little bit improved version from windows 98. Then a drastically improved OS Windows XP appeared in the market. That got popular also and I used windows XP until Window 7 released. Yes, I preferred windows 7 very much and started using it from RC version. Till Windows 7, I did not have any complain with Microsoft operating system.

Now, lets go to the actual topic: Windows 8. Why the fuck Microsoft developed this opearting system. I have no idea, why they want something new which sucks. I feel very uncomfortable using this OS. I think you guy also have the same situation; I have not found any guys who is happy with this OS.

Now, I will list out some points which are worth mentioning here:

1) Cost: 
Everybody pays money to use windows OS because it is not free. So, even if you buy a laptop, you have to pay for the OS, even if you don't want to use it. I rarely used windows 7 and windows XP that came with my laptops. Its rare that we can buy a laptop without windows system. So, windows is making a sort of compulsion to pay for its operating system even if you are not interested.  It sounds like b**sh*t.

2) Booting:

Windows always try to be on the top of everybody, and not friendly with other operating systems. You know what I mean. Its the real problem when you install windows system, you have to compromise by erasing the previously installed operating systems. I have this problems several times, I install windows, my previously installed ubuntu and mint system gone! Then again I have to install those. And the latest operating system i.e. Window 8 even doesn't have that facility. We can not even install other operating system so easily. I believe this means microsoft is forcing users to use windows operating system. I got a new notebook with windows 8 pre-installed, and I did hard disk partition and installed linux mint. Then the problem was, I have to go to book and change settings there to select linux mint. WTF! I tried to display list of OSs to display while booting, but I was unsuccess. So, I just go on using window 8 which is not my favourite OS. 

3) Upgrade:

The upgrade system of windows also sucks. You are hurry to go somewhere, and want to turn off your computer, then computer says "don't turn off you machine, updates are going on!" Why they don't want to let you go after turning off??
I have waited many times till updates finishes, that was very bad experience. And updates are too slow, I have very fast (50 mbps) internet speed, still it takes several hours for updates.  

4) Bulky
Windows system are bulky, they use hard disk space of around 20 GB after you completely install it. So, to have a windows system installed you have to have at least 25 GB of hard disk space. If you wanna install more software, you need more. And it is true, that minimum space required for windows system is more than enough for linux based system. I have separated 30 GB space for linux mint and using for more than one year, I am not needing any extra memory. 

5) Upgrade to Windows 8.1 
I don't like so call Metro system of windows 8. So, I wanted to upgrade my system to get window 8.1 which I heard is improved and windows 7 like desktop is shown in the first place. Unfortunately, I got a lot of problems, till now I could not do it. Its seems like driver related problem but the acetic question is why they do not these things before they deploy it, they are money to the user and again there are so many problems. I have spend almost 20 hours upgrading to windows 8.1, still no luck. I did not face any problems with ubuntu and linux mint which are open source free operating system. 

6) High System Requirements
The system requirements are exponentially increasing from windows 98 to windows 8. Really, I dont like it, windows system sucks a lot of system resources such as memory, CPU. There is clear different when compared with linux mint which looks like windows, it consumes far less memory and CPU doing the same task. 

7) Internet Explorer:
One of the unanswered question from microsoft is why they can not improve internet explorer. It looks like 98's design, and seems like there is no improvement. Same bulky, not looking so user friendly like modern browsers- mozilla or chrome. After I install windows system, my first task is download chrome from internet explorer and disable internet explorer. I feel terrible even if I accidently click on internet explorer, it annoys me to properly close it.

8) Unwanted Services 
Everybody knows windows system run a lot of unwanted programs and services in the background. One of the reason why windows is slower is because of this. Although user can turn off unwanted service, but it is very hard to determine which service they want and which they do not want. 

9) Antivirus
Windows OS is prone to virus attack. So, you have to buy antivirus software along with windows. I guess there is some collaboration between antivirus company and microsoft, that is why, antivirus company prepares antivirus for microsoft windows. Interesting, why can not  microsoft make their system secure enough so that there is no need of antivirus. 

10)  Slow

Windows operating systems are slow as compared to other systems, booing itself seems slower (windows 8 did some trick to make it faster booting, that is just trick, not reality) and installation, updation process are so lengthy, I hate it. 

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