Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cyanogenmod Android

What is Cynogenmod?

It is a kind of mobile operating system and works on the top of well-known Android. Android is very popular operating system and most of the devices today run Android. Android is Unix based operating system and is open source. Due to its availability of source code, the users of android can test different varieties.

Basically, CM is developed after Google, who actually controls the Android development, releases the source code. The new Android version, google adds new features, and then releases them on their nexus devices. But we know there are millions of devices that run by Android, and the google stock android may not be capable of handling all different devices, so CM basically tweaks, adds and makes it better and more easier.

Why Cynagenmod ?

There are some reasons why somebody wants to install CM version of Android. I try to list out some reasons which came in my mind.

1) To get or test latest Android features: 

I own Nexus 4 device, and I used to get each and every updates google made in android from Android 4.2 to 5.1. It is very nice to be among the first to test the current version of Android. That did not last longer until google released Android 6.0 and I did not get the update, Initially, I thought to download and install manually using root, but it is problematic. Anyhow I want to test the latest version of android, I heard alot about the battery improvements in version 6.0. Then I got Cynagenmod website, where I could fulfill my desire of installing the latest Android. I already have installed it in my nexus 4 and its working like a charm. And good news is that they update very frequently, every week.

2)  Low Resource Devices

I own an Android device with very low RAM, space, and weak processor. It has Android 4.0.4
preloaded with a lot of bulky applications included which I could not even remove. A lot of backgrond applications and services which I never use, never need, they just consume memory, and drain battery. That device was running very slow and I even could not use that for any purpose. Luckily, CM has an image for this device, and successfully could flash the image into my device. That also ran without any problem and very fast. At least I can use this device as a camera,a nativator,remote mouse,radio,music player.

3)  Very Nice Wiki

The CM website is very nice and informative. Each device has their own wiki, and the instllation manual and procedure is so clear that even a normal person can do this. I think they have utilised a lot of resources for that to test for every device, I also heard they have colleced a huge amount of money for this project.

4) Easy to Reinstall

Most of the when we install new version of android, there are chances we got stuck somewhere, or even we could get out of it, that mean the device will never be usable. But the story is totally different with Cynagenmod flash. The recovery image basically runs without any problem and very easy to use. Even it was possible to use touch in recovery console. I just copied some installer to the device and everything else done by recoverer. If there are some problems or incompatabilities, they we can easily replace with another installer.

Finally, it was nice experience for me to flash Android device, and install with total new Cyanogenmod and its new features, Initially I thought I could not succeed, it was not that difficult, rather very intersting. I see some bright future for this operating system if it goes this way. I highly recommend at least to test this new mobile operating system.

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