Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Courses I have chosen for my masters

1st Period
1) Advanced Computer Studies in Sweden
2) Artificial Intelligence
3) Object Oriented Design

2nd Period
4) Medical Informatics
5) Human Computer Interaction
6) Optimization

3rd Period:
7) Machine Learning
8) User Interface Programming I
9) Secure Computer Systems I

4th Period:
10) Machine Learning
11) Software Architect with Java
12) Secure Computer Systems II
13)Computer Assisted Image Analysis I

In Uppsala, one semester is divided into two periods. In each period, we have to select a number of courses. The good point is that we students have freedom to select the courses.
Here are the list of courses I have selected:

1st period
1) Advanced computer studies in sweden
2) Artificial Intelligence
3) Object oriented design
2nd Period
4) Computer Assisted Image Analysis II
5) Medical Informatics

3rd period
6) Machine learning
7) Human computer Interaction
8) Software Engineering

4th period
9) IT, ethics and Organization
10) Machine learning
11) Software architecture with Java

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