Monday, October 4, 2010

Artificial Intelligence: my view

Artificial intelligence is a growing and demanding field in computer science. We can see almost the modern equipments can perform some sort of intelligence behavior. So, today’s human society is being been used to the intelligence in the modern machines and equipments.

Actually, what is the definition of artificial intelligence? Before we begin to define the artificial intelligence, we must first analyze the natural intelligence. The natural intelligence is the god gifted intelligence and only our brain is able to show the natural intelligence and in other words, we can’t replicate the natural intelligence because it is the god gifted thing. So, scientists have been trying to make the machines intelligence by using artificial intelligence, although, machines can’t perfectly do as human brains do.

Interestingly, human brain functions and machine functions are different and to some extent complementary. Human brain can perform the tasks that is very hard to simulate in machines, like seeing, hearing, sensing are very general things for human, but it is far more complex to develop a machine which can perform the above tasks. But the computational tasks which human brain takes more than one year, by using machines, it is very easy for machines, and can be solved within a minute. So, artificial intelligence actually studies on how the tasks which are very easy for humans can be transferred to artificially created machines so that machines starts working using acquired intelligence.

But, till now, there is not any machine developed that works with 100% intelligence, and that task is very complex. Nowadays, we can see many machines which use some extent of artificial intelligence to perform their tasks. But, here we must know, the artificial intelligence is not the field of computational science. If a machines functions with calculations, though machine seems doing tasks with intelligence, we can’t say it intelligence since we can’t see any intelligence in the computation because it is straightforward process. So, to acquire artificial intelligence by a machine, the machine should have capacity to take decisions based on heuristics, inferences, and fuzzy logic and should be able to learn from the previous activities so that it can take a better decision.

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